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Since 2004, Flaneur Productions have been proud and honored to host the annual Heliotrope Festival of underground music at various theatres in Minneapolis, and it has been a major point of pride for all of us at Flaneur to have been able to see so many of our favorite musicians perform in an environment that befits their dedication and talent each spring for the past nine years.

This year, however, we have made the rather tough decision to take a pause and come back for a tenth installment next year that will truly do justice to the momentous occasion a tenth Heliotrope merits. We hope that the musicians and the incredibly supportive community of adventurous listeners that have kept the festival vital all this time will bear with us during this "fallow season" and come back next year when we hope to deliver something truly special.

We had every intention of having Heliotrope happen again this year as it always has, but a convergence of many different adversarial factors have made the possibility of anything other than a very "workmanlike" event this year. These factors made us re-think what it means to have the festival be something truly special versus simply adhering to an annual schedule simply for the sake of regularity; in the end it ultimately seemed antithetical to our approach, which has always put aesthetics and commitment to the visions of the artists and organizers first. Everything else needs to be secondary, even the traditionally annual nature of the festival's occurrence. To deliver anything substandard would be crushing to us and ultimately disappointing to our wonderful supporters, and this year was lining up to be less than what we wanted to present on several levels.

We are not ending the festival and we are not dropping the ball just because it isn't happening this year, however. We will be working from now until the spring of 2014 to bring "HX" to the fullest fruition we can (finding and funding the most ideal venue and conditions, perhaps some commemorative extras, etc), and we hope you will all stick with us until then.

Thanks very much for everything you have given us to date, and for your continued understanding and support of future events.






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